Galaxy Note 8, S10, S10+ and S10e all receiving June 2019 patch

Samsung deserves some credit for upping their game in the update stakes, with the entire Galaxy S10 line — save the S10+ 5G — plus the Galaxy Note 8 now receiving the June 2019 security patch.


Reports have come from owners in Hong Kong about the updates (via SamMobile), which means a global rollout is underway, bringing the June 2019 patch to the Galaxy S10 line right after we saw it head to the S9 and Note 9 just recently.

Firmware versions G9700ZHU1ASF1G9730ZHU1ASF1 and G9750ZHU1ASF1 are heading out to the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and S10+ respectively. Beyond the June 2019 patch, the OTA downloads add a few stability tweaks to the overall security of One UI and some bug fixes on top.

[Update 06/24]: It appears that the OTA for the Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ has added a new QR code reader within the camera application. That gives you the ability to quickly grab and read QR codes without need for an extra application.

Previously you would have needed to launch Bixby Vision or even Google Lens (provided you had it installed) to scan any QR codes. The toggle for this can be found in the camera app settings (via SamMobile). Considering this feature was added to the Note 9 and S9 already, it’s kind of weird that the S10 would get it later. Either way, it’s a nice little update.

As for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you’ll see firmware version N950FXXS6DSF2 rolling out to your device, which brings some stability and improvements, alongside the June 2019 security patch (via Reddit). It has been confirmed as rolling out in the Middle East, Vietnam, Thailand, and in Serbia, meaning users can expect the update in more regions over the next couple of weeks.

Note 8 june 2019 patch

It’s worth noting that this update doesn’t appear to bring the dedicated Night mode to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, as we are led to believe that this standalone camera feature will be limited to Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10 devices for the foreseeable future.

Naturally, US users may see a delay in these updates as they are prepared for Snapdragon models — with carriers also having to push the update with their own tweaks. If you have received the update on your Note 8 or S10 series device, let us know where you are based in the comments section below.

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