Windows 10 can now show notifications from your Android phone, rolling out to everyone

Microsoft has been pushing interconnectivity between your smartphone and PC for quite some time. With an update this week to the “Your Phone” app, Windows 10 can mirror the notifications from your Android smartphone on your PC or laptop.


Noted on Twitter, the latest “Your Phone” update delivers this functionality which has been in testing for a number of months. When turned on, this allows any notification on your Android device to be mirrored on your Windows 10 PC, as well as giving the option to manage notifications from the computer as well.

There’s no restriction on what notifications will work either. Everything from emails to social media should work without any issue, and it should work with any Android device as well. Quick replies, however, are not yet supported.

Windows Central does point out, though, a couple of requirements for your PC. Firstly, Windows 10 will need to be on the April 2018 update or later. The Your Phone app also needs to be on version 1.19052.657.0, but the notifications feature is still rolling out, so it may not appear immediately.

The Your Phone app can be downloaded for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store for free. Of course, the Your Phone app still supports regular SMS messages and pulling photos from your phone as well.

windows 10 your phone android notifications
Image Source: Windows Central

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