Apple is considering to build a foldable 5G iPad

Apple’s planning the biggest design change to the iPad in its near-10 year history, a new report claims.


According to a report from IHS Markit, Apple is developing a folding iPad. This future tablet will boast a MacBook size screen, but foldable into something a fraction of the size. Oh, yes, and it’ll supposedly have 5G capabilities, too.

Take it with a pinch of silicon

As with any of the more extravagant Apple rumors, it’s worth taking this with a pinch of salt. Apple is unlikely to launch a 5G iPhone until 2020, and we expect a 5G iPad will almost certainly not arrive before that point.

Each year, Apple carries out constant prototyping; much of it on products that never amount to anything. (Like his predecessor, Tim Cook loves saying no to ideas.) That means that even if Apple is investigating a foldable iPad, it’s in no way guaranteed to become a finished product. And you definitely shouldn’t expect it later this year.

Apple has been doing work into foldable iPhones for years. Given the problems that Samsung is having with its Galaxy Fold, however, I’d be surprised if Apple launches anything similar until the market has been proven.

With that said, Apple gave us its biggest iPhone refresh in years with the tenth anniversary iPhone X. Could it do an even bigger redesign for the iPad’s tenth birthday in 2020? I know that my colleague Charlie Sorrel would love it if they did

Source: Economic Daily News

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