Another iOS 12.4 beta moves Apple Card debut closer

Apple committed to releasing its much-anticipated credit card some time this summer, and that promise moved closer to coming true today with the introduction of the sixth developer beta of iOS 12.4. The whole purpose of this version is support for the Apple Card.


Apple Card is the point of iOS 12.4

Virtually everyone’s attention is in iOS 13, but work is still ongoing with version 12.4 just so Apple can get its credit card out before September, when the big upgrade is expected.

The Apple card will integrate with the iPhone and the Wallet app, so new software is necessary. However, third-party developers testing iOS 12.4 don’t have access to the software related to Apple Card yet.

And there aren’t any other major new improvements in this version, just bug fixes and performance improvements, according to the release notes. It’s really not surprising that everyone’s focus is on iOS 13.

Still, developers who need to test their software can grab iOS 12.4 Developer beta 6 now.

More about Apple Card

Apple encourages iPhone users to make their purchases with Apple Pay, but not every store and restaurant supports this method of payment. That’s where the Apple Card comes in. It’s a physical card that can be handed to retailer or waiter.

It promises to track purchases and payments in an easy-to-understand interface.

There are cash-back rewards for each purchase, too. Users can get 2% on the amount of a purchase. That bumps up to 3% cash back on Apple products. The cash-back reward goes right into the Wallet app.

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