Fortnite has warned players not to install iOS 13 yet as stability issues may occur

As some reports have already mentioned, you shouldn’t yet install the iOS 13 and iPadOS if you want to continue playing fortnite on your iPhone and iPad.


Epic Games has reported lately that users will face “stability issues” with Apple’s latest betas. Installing the betas early means that you’re no longer able to play the battle royale game.

You might be tempted to upgrade to iOS 13 or iPadOS to play Fortnite with a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller. They certainly make the game even better. But you really should wait.

Fortnite doesn’t run well under iOS 13

Many players have experienced issues when playing Fortnite under iOS 13 or iPadOS. I’ve tried it with the latter, and although it runs, it does not run well. Some things are completely broken.

For instance, when I enter a new game, I see only the Fortnite loading screen until I’m kicked off the Battle Bus. I don’t enter the pre-game island, and my landing options are limited.

On other devices, you may experience different issues. Whatever the case may be, you certainly shouldn’t expect a flawless experience.

Epic tells players to wait

It’s no surprise, then, that Epic is now warning fans not to update yet.

This isn’t the only reason not to upgrade to the betas right now. We’ve already explained why it’s best to hold outFortnite isn’t the only title that doesn’t run properly yet.

Epic hasn’t indicated when the game will be updated to support iOS 13 and iPadOS. But it’s unlikely to happen until just before the updates roll out to everyone this fall.

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