Official Samsung renders for Galaxy Note 10+ and Watch Active 2 leak

With less than a month until the next Samsung Galaxy event, more and more details about the Note 10 have leaked. The latest shows official Samsung renders for the large phone and Watch Active 2, which will likely be announced alongside each other.


Tweeted by Evan Blass this afternoon, we see the larger Galaxy Note 10+ in an angled shot that very clearly shows the flat top of the phone. Thanks to a colorful wallpaper, the centered Infinity-O hole-punch front-facing camera is particularly striking. However, due to the angle of this image, Samsung has cleverly obscured the top and bottom bezel that will be clearly visible when looking at the device head-on.

Resting just on top of the screen is a blue/purplish S-Pen that fits the color scheme of the rest of the device. This is likely an official render from Samsung due to the diagonal Galaxy Note10+ text style.

Meanwhile, @evleaks also shared a picture of the Watch Active 2. It is similar in style to a previous render leak for this wearable. However, we now see the rose gold case variant that’s matched with an equally pink elastic wristband.

The notable visual difference from the original is how the top button is now elongated and pill-shaped rather than a circle like the bottom one. We see a simple analog watchface, while the screen still has a notable bezel.

Given the matching render style, it’s very likely that the phone and watch will be announced together on August 7. Similar to the first Watch Active and Galaxy S10 earlier this year, this is a very aggressive wearable update cycle for Samsung.

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