Everything we know about Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Ahead of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, we have quite a bit of information and plenty of rumors to delve into.


Always the biggest of the Galaxy line, the Note 10 looks set to slightly buck the trend of “all-out Galaxy” due to some core removals. Some of these omissions might annoy some of the more hardcore Samsung and Note fans out there. We just hope that the introductions are enough to keep people happy — although we’re genuinely not too sure about that.

In the past, the Galaxy Note line has always felt more like a “revision” of the Galaxy S line, by adding more productivity features and enhancements that take advantage of the — normally — larger display and S-Pen support.

In recent years, though, the Galaxy S seems to have encroached a little too close on the Note. This year looks set to be the first time in a while that we’re seeing the return of true differentiation — in the design, at the very least.

This is every rumor, tidbit, and snippet of information we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

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