Google shopping is going live now in the U.S.

Announced at Google Marketing Live in May, the new Google Shopping homepage is live in the United States. Focussed on personalization and browsing, this experience has been in testing around the world since last year.


Google Shopping has existed for several years as a tab/filter in Google Search. When signed out of your account, still shows the iconic blank page with search field. If you’re logged in or visit, you’re taken to a new homepage experience.

Conforming to the Material Theme, users are greeted with “Let’s go shopping.” An app bar features the price tag logo in the four Google colors and a search field that asks “What are you looking for?” Search makes heavy use of sorting and filters like pricing, brand, and deals. On desktop, you get the same lookup experience as, but it differs on mobile.

Your cart can be accessed at the top-right corner, while the navigation drawer links to saved items, orders, and settings. Underneath the greeting is categories for Electronics, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Toys & Games, Grocery, and Household Supplies, each with cover artwork. “View all” takes you to a full list.

The rest of the page is comprised of banners and carousels. The former are themed to the season or other product categories. Carousels include “Picks for you” and “Inspired by your Google activity.” Stores near you are also listed, and Shopping allows you to browse inventory.

Some products that appear are marked with a “Buy with Google” tag when “you can check out on Google, and get simple returns and customer support with our guarantee.” Google plans to integrate its Express delivery service into the new Shopping.

Browsing the Google Shopping homepage is not all too different from Amazon or Target. For those that use Google products, the experience is familiar and very in line with the Material Theme. The standardization of product listings is convenient, as is bookmarking listings.

Late last year, the revamped experience was unveiled in India before rolling out to France in March. The Google Shopping homepage is live on several accounts and devices we checked in the U.S. today. It’s coming to other parts of the world over the course of this year.

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