Google Pixel XL and Pixel 3a get ‘see-through’ wallpapers courtesy of iFixit

A trend has developed in the past couple of years for “see-through” wallpapers on certain phone models to get a peek at the hardware that powers your device. Now, the folks over at iFixit are giving Google’s original Pixel XL, as well as the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, the see-through wallpaper treatment.


The original Google Pixel XL may be three years old, but it’s still in use by many, and even set to get Android Q in the next couple of months. For those still using the device, iFixit’s new see-through wallpaper gives the homescreen a fresh look that lines up in detail the internal components of the device.

The battery, speaker, and portions of motherboard are all visible with the “internal wallpaper.” Alternatively, iFixit also provided an X-Ray wallpaper that offers a different look at the inside of the device.

The original Pixel and the Pixel XL weren’t Google’s first smartphones by a long shot, but the Pixel name kickstarted a new era for the company’s mobile phone business. Tearing down the Pixel XL was full of both surprises and familiarities, and its repairability score makes it the only Pixel phone to date to score a big ole 7.

For the newer Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, iFixit provided these same see-through wallpapers which, if you ask me, look even better than those for the original device. The internals of the Pixel 3a are just a bit more intricate, with more parts of the device visible in the wallpaper. The same applies for the X-Ray versions, which have a lot more texture.

The Pixel 3a and its larger sibling the 3a XL ring in at $399 and $479, respectively. And if that isn’t enough to spark joy, our teardown revealed that it’s pretty easy to get into and repair them.

Hopefully the Pixel 3, 3 XL, and future Google flagships get the same treatment.

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