Minecraft has new bees — already been made rideable

Minecraft 1.15 update did bring bees in the game, and already a modder has made them rideable. As the modder explains in the video below, with his datapack you can craft saddles to place on the bees as well as flowers on sticks to lead them around. Also, the saddled bees have a dash move now.


The way it works is pretty interesting. With the datapack installed, any bee you look at has an invisible pig overlaid on it. It’s actually the pig you’re saddling and riding, which means that Minecraft now has flying pigs I guess. The flower on a stick is a reskinned poppy, which the bees are already programmed to be attracted to so even when not saddled they’ll follow you around while you’re holding one.

He’s also got the bee gun from Terraria in there too. Now all I can think about is bees being poured onto Nicolas Cage’s face in that remake of The Wicker Man. Anyway, enjoy your bees.

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