Google’s Pixel 4 leaked with slick front and rear details

As we previously reported this month, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL’s specifications were fully detailed. Google has teased us their new, upcoming lineup before, but today we had a new leak of the upcoming flagship phone.


There are two images that are going around on Telegram and were shared on Twitter by XDA’s Mishaal Rahman. For the smaller Pixel 4, we can clearly now see the front of it in a clearer image. The 5.7-inch screen has a thin bottom bezel, a top bezel that supports the front- facing camera and the main sensors. Although we have the leaked image with us, it’s hard to tell if this is a wide-angle lens or just a regular one.

It’s also difficult to see the face unlock IR camera on the left, or the Soli radar chip to the right of center. The face unlock dot projector, second IR camera, and flood illuminator are also not visible.

On the screen we can see that the phone is running Android 10 due to the gesture navigation bar and the Assistant handles. The background wallpaper contains some geometrical shapes that can easily be thought as a live wallpaper. Also, there are two notifications that display both Google Play Protect and the Pixel Setup guide.

On the back of the device we can see the rear-facing camera protected by another firm. As we also reported previously, there is a 12MP shooter with phase-detect auto-focus and a 16MP telephoto lens. We can also see the sizable flash unit on the back as well.

The Pixel 4 looks quite great actually in the latest leak, we can also see the curved glass into the frame. The angle of the photo also shows us the volume and power buttons.

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