Huami is the new Apple Watch, almost!?

How is there a way to buy an Apple Watch, but not pay for the actual Apple Watch price? Well, Huami has created a new smartwatch with the same design and faces as the Apple Watch itself. The new Amazfit GTS is the most shameless knockoff we’ve seen.


This is not the first time that the Xiaomi owned brand has made an Apple Watch inspired design. It just took Huami a little time until they were sure they released the Apple Watch Series 4 clone from last fall.

The company has tried and achieved to 3D print the Apple Watch clone with a photocopier. The watch has also copied the Infograph Modular and the Activity Analog faces from the original Apple Watch and now comes with six colors.

The actual watch faces are having low quality versions of Apple’s Liquid Metal watch faces. They just had to have the original idea.

Of course, they intended on selling an Apple Watch clone design for a cheaper price, but is it actually worth it? There’s being inspired by innovation and then there’s Xiaomi — a company that knows no limits when it comes to repackaging Apple hardware and software designs in knockoff products.

If you squint and look close enough, however, you can actually see the Get The Series 4 message hidden in the Amazfit GTS product name. Just don’t expect to take an ECG with that Digital Crown knockoff.

Xiaomi’s other recent antics include turning macOS Mojave wallpapers into smartphone backgrounds, coming up with a wholly original feature called Mimoji that definitely wasn’t a copy of Apple’s Memoji, and even using an actual Apple ad to promote the totally-not-stolen avatar features.

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