Huawei’s Operating System to outshine Android and iOS

Huawei has officially announced its rumored operating system that was being developed to replace its reliance on Android as HarmonyOS. HarmonyOS is known as Hongmeng in China and is based on a microkernal distributed OS, where it can be used on any device from smartphones to smart speakers, wearables and even vehicle systems. Huawei has stated that the operating system will be released as an open-source platform worldwide to encourage adoption.


Ever since Google suspended Huawei’s Android license back in May, the company has made no secret on the fact that their own operating system was already being worked on and has been speculated to which extent it could replace Android was unclear.

HarmonyOS is planned to be launched on “smart screen” products later this year before adopting it to work on other devices, like wearables within the next few years. It is stipulated that the OS will first be released on Huawei’s Smart TVs and will be first focused on the Chinese market before expanding the OS to other markets.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer group has stated that HarmonyOS is completely different compared to Android and iOS because of its cross-platform flexibility.

“You can develop your apps once and flexibly deploy them across a multitude of devices, unlike Android and iOS” – Richard Yu

Huawei is expecting that developers would be able to code their apps for this new operating system with the ability to code once and deploy across multiple devices. It is unclear how “simple” it would be for the developers to do so however.

The operating system looks really promising but it is going to be a bigger challenge to rival both Android and Android Open Source Project (AOSP).


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