New leak revealed for the Google Pixel 4 camera

Even though we are still a few weeks away from Google’s fall hardware event, numerous hands-on videos of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL that were uploaded on YouTube recently have detailed nearly every key feature of the upcoming phones. Now, a new report from XDA Developers has shed light on some of the key highlights of the new Google Camera 7.0 APK, extracted from a pre-release Pixel 4.


The Google Camera 7.0 APK was shared with one of XDA Developers‘ tipsters by Vietnamese YouTube channel ReLab. As shown by multiple leaks that have surfaced over the past few days, the version 7.0 of the Google Camera app includes quite a few UI changes.

One of the new features added to Google Camera 7.0 is the “Camera coaching” feature. It basically provides tips on how one can take better photos using the different camera modes that the Pixel 4 has to offer. Disappointingly, however, photo resolution options are limited to “Full resolution and “Medium resolution”. When you choose “Medium resolution”, the Camera will capture 4.1MP photos in 16:9 aspect ratio.

Under Advanced settings, Google Camera 7.0 includes a new “save selfie as previewed” option, which lets you save pictures with the same orientation seen in the viewer. There is also an “HDR+ control” option that allows users to have the manual control for HDR+ show in the settings box for the main Camera mode.

In addition to the UI changes, the leaked Google Camera 7.0 APK has also confirmed almost all major camera features of the upcoming Pixel 4 series. The new “Motion Mode” in the Google Camera app, which wasn’t showcased in any of the recently leaked hands-on videos, will allow users to capture photos of subjects in motion in the foreground while blurring the background.

For improved low-light performance, the Pixel 4 series will come with an improved Night Sight feature that could be much faster than Night Sight on current Pixel smartphones. The upcoming phones will have astrophotography capability as well. Some of the other major camera features confirmed by the report include Live HDR, an ARCore-powered AR measurement app, and audio zoom.

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