Pixel Phones to receive Car Crash Detection Application

As reported by XDA Forums, there were changes made to the emergency information app that hinted Google adding automatic car crash detection to Pixel smartphones. There are yet to be updates as it was not revealed during the Pixel 4 leaks. However, Google today updated the built-in Emergency Information app on my Pixel 2 XL, rebranding it as “Personal Safety” in version 1.0.271601625.release. The Play Store app description confirms that vehicle crash detection will be made accessible for U.S. Pixel phones, although it is uncertain whether it will be made accessible for all Pixel phones or only the Pixel 4 series.

The updated description on Google PlayStore reads as follows:


Personal Safety is an app for Pixel phones that helps you stay safe and connected to first responders and your emergency contacts.

  • If your phone detects that you’ve been in a car crash, it can help reach 911 for you. Car crash detection is available in the United States.
  • Enter medical information and choose your emergency contacts. By default, this info is available when your phone is locked to help first responders.
  • With emergency sharing, you can quickly share a short message and your current location with all of your emergency contacts.

Google suggests that if your phone detects you’re in a car crash, your phone will automatically dial 911 using your accelerometer and microphone place and sensor measurements to identify a car crash. If your phone believes you’re in a vehicle crash, it’s going to vibrate and play a noise at maximum volume, wondering if you need assistance. Pixel will dial 911 automatically and provide your place if you do not react. Here’s the demo in the app showing you the measures engaged in calling 911 or reporting you’re fine.

Another new feature mentioned in the changelog is the ability to quickly share your emergency status with your contacts. You can send your location and a custom message about your current situation to multiple contacts.


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