70 Crore email ID is hacked and 21 Millions password is hacked.

70 Crore email ID is hacked and 21 Millions password is hacked.
773 Million email id and 21 Million
Password is hacked

In the year of 2018 is not a best year for cyber security. In this year we hear it the facebook data hacked, various hacker hacked some bank account. In this year a new cyber crime is come. The people has a shocked because the facebook data leaks in before few days and a new shock comes that the 773 Million email id hacked and 21 Million password was leak. This report comes to a Researcher. The Researcher Name is Troy Hunt. They said on their website TroyHunt.com that the 70 crore email ID was Hacked and 21 million password is leaked.

Troy Hunt said that the few man told him to give the details and Troy Hunt redirect this people in the files. Although the is remove now. They said that there was1200 files and size was 87 GB. In this files Troy Hunt Said that their own database had in this collection.

Troy Hunt made a site in the name of Have i been pwned in this site they said all email address which is hacked. Here you can check any hacked email address. Troy Hunt said that who follows two step authentication and whose password is strong his/her emais id is safe. If you want to check your email id was hacked or safe you can follow the bellow tips.

How to check the hacked email id and password

70 Crore email ID is hacked and 21 Millions password is hacked.

If you want to know that the email id is safe or not safe you can follow the bellow steps.
1.Go to this link https://haveibeenpwned.com
2. Enter your mail ID and tape ‘pwned?’
3. Then if there was show ‘ news — no pwnage found!’ Than your email id is not hacked. The email id is safe.
4. If there show that ‘Oh no! Pwned’ means your email is hacked. This message was show in red colour.

We hope that the new year is not create any cyber crime by hacker. To avoid your data leaks please do not share you password, any personal information to any unknown person. If you have an android phone do not download any app without play store. To download the app always use Play Store. If any person calls to you and he want to know your bank details, OTP in this types information please do not share this types information cut the call immediately. Be safe and be careful.