Android Q Dessert Name May Have Been Queen Cake, Says Dave Burke, VP Android |TechNews
  • We now have some closure about Android Q’s dessert name
  • Android confection names have been discontinued and the next version is Android 10 only
  • The internal name of the queue is Q tart
  • The VP of Android says the Android Q was called queen cake

About a week ago, Google released the next version of Android and to everyone’s surprise (and a bit disappointing), it wasn’t any sweeter. We knew that the version received after Android 9 Pie would be Android 10Q, but after concluding the naming convention of Google, decided to just call it Android 7, though many speculations about how Android’s VP confectionary stands out to have been rumored to have finally been settled. Android Q was probably called Queen Cake for the public and internally, it was called Queen’s Tart.
Dave Burke of Google, VP of Engineering for Android and Android Software Engineer Dan Sadler was a guest on the recent episode of All Out Android on YouTube. Speaking of Android’s new design, Burke mentioned how Android started “without a lot of thought” and was generally the platform’s main motto – the simplest thing to do is to start over and continue to improve. But in response to the main reason for changing the naming convention to just the number of sweets, the majority of the sweets were “not related globally.”

For Q, the list of confectionery names was, for the most part, “exotic,” and their significance resonated with many people around the world. Burke also disputed rumors that the parties did not carry the number because they could not come up with the name. In fact, he said that if it depended on him, it would have been called queen cake. It doesn’t seem like a very popular dessert, and it’s probably best that Google decided to drop the names of the sweets after 10.

Burke also revealed that the internal name of 10 was Queen’s Tart and thus the ‘QT’ codename appears in the AOSP build of Android 10. Sadler said they will keep a codename internally for later versions of Android.
Android 10 comes with a refreshed logo with an Android robot sitting at the top. The colour has also been changed from green to black for better visibility. This is a slight change, but Google has found that green is very difficult to read, especially for people with vision impairments. The new version will be rolling out to Pixel devices starting September 3, what’s more, the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro are also expected to receive this update on the same day, which will be some of the first Pixelless devices to have the same version of Android as Google phones.

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