Mobile becomes an essential need in our daily routine and along with it, we need best Android security apps.

Indeed, even the best-computerized security hones are frequently fixed by messy physical security. An incomprehensible 40 character secret key, all things considered, is just as secure as the workplace containing the Post-it note you composed it on. 

To help battle the risk the Freedom of the Press Foundation, driven by our most loved covert operative turned-advocate, Edward Snowden, propelled Haven, an app for modest Android burners that transforms them into undeniable home security gadgets. 

Sanctuary utilizes your telephone’s worked in equipment — cameras, amplifiers, light sensors, and accelerometers — to screen the room in your nonappearance. It’ll catch photographs and sound of anybody going into the room and send them to your essential gadget to caution you to the action. 

The safe house even catches light unsettling influences — like a spotlight in a dull room — utilizing the implicit innovation that auto-modifies screen brilliance when lighting conditions change. 

And keep in mind that sending pictures and sound clasps over the air to your cell phone may seem like awful OPSEC, Haven taps the safe informing app Signal so every byte of information is secured with end-to-end encryption.
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