Apple will be releasing this year’s iPhone 11. Here’s what you can expect from the latest Apple smartphones.

Apple iPhone 11 series is coming soon: Triple-rear cameras, A13 Bionic chip, and more |TechNews

Just a few months away from Apple’s next big product launch, we dubbed it the iPhone 11. The latest smartphone comes at a time when Apple is trying to transition from a hardware focus to services. However, Apple iPhones have remained the company’s flagship product for nearly a decade. The Apple iPhone 2019 models are thought to be a big upgrade over its predecessors with additional improvements in performance and camera departments.

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Triple Rear Cameras :

Apple will finally join the Triple Rear Camera Race with the iPhone 11  iPhone 2019 phone. While dual and triple cameras are quite common in the Android world, Apple is improving its camera features with additional 3D sensors. Apple’s report is adding a wide-angle lens to the camera module.

Ahead of the official release, the images on the iPhone 2019 revealed a weird square camera module. Interestingly enough, the Google Pixel 4 Square module is going feature. Reportedly, the selfie camera on the iPhone 11 will be upgraded and will come with a new 120fps slow-motion video recording.

A13 chips :

Apple is expected to launch the A13 Bionic chip with its latest iPhones later this year. The latest Apple processor will be based on the 7NM process. The chip is said to use EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet) lithography to increase the chip size and bring higher density. It is said to be at least 10% more energy-efficient. Apple’s current iPhones are A12 bionic chips that run using neural engines and real-time machine learning. The chip A11 is 15% faster and 50% more power-efficient than the Bionic chip.

Others :

Apple iPhone 2019 models will release a new “Teptic Engine” feature. The technology is called 3D Touch Replacement. This has removed Apple Touch 3D Touch from its affordable iPhone XR smartphone in favor of the Haptic Touch feature.

Apple has long been rumored to get rid of its slow power port and embrace the USB Type-C port. Even though the iPhone has already brought new standards to the iPad, Apple cannot make changes to the iPhone. But the light technology is also due for an upgrade this year.

Apple will launch at least three iPhones with two models featuring the AMOLDL panel and an LCD display, such as the Apple iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. According to the report, the latest iPhone models will have iPhone screen size and resolution.

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