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Valve is making Dota 2 players pay to avoid toxic gamers

If you play Dota 2 and you already buying a Battle Pass, you can now purchase a new bundle coming with the whole Battle Pass pack. The new bundle keeps you away from toxic gamers, when previously was just containing cosmetics and other optional curiosities to the game.Players who buy the Battle Pass can now use an “experimental” Avoid Player feature, which is supposed to keep toxic players away from you. Here’s a different way to say it: Valve is now charging players a minimum of $9.99 to avoid harassers.


Call of Duty Mobile coming this week to Android and iOS

The announcement that one of the most popular PC and console FPS franchises ever would be coming to both Android and iOS is a pretty big deal. Now fresh intel has come directly from Activision, and they are telling us to expect the first Call of Duty Mobile beta within the next week.


John Wick available on today’s Fortnite update

The Fortnite Item Shop has updated once again, and players can now hop in and pick up some new gear, including brand new cosmetics, gliders, and other items.


Photography project shows the human side of technology on Apple products

Many of us spend our lives on our Apple Watches and iPhones, sharing our best moments and things with them, and those experiences and memories are often reflected in the scratches fingerprints that accumulate on their cases. A new photography project by New York City-based artist Elvin Hu tries to shine a light to those underrepresented human side of technology.


Apple celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day with top featured apps, user and developer profiles, more

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day and Apple is celebrating and promoting accessibility in a few different ways. The App Store has multiple features highlighting developers, athletes, and creatives, and also has feature for the top accessibility apps for vision, hearing, speech, learning, physical and motor, and more.


Instagram shuts down experiment for direct messaging

Facebook is shutting down Direct, a standalone camera-first messaging app used to send Instagram direct messages. “In the coming month, we’ll no longer be supporting the Direct app,” read a message in the app announcing the shutdown. “Your conversations will automatically move over to Instagram, so you don’t need to do anything.” The announcement was first spotted by social media commentator Matt Navarra.


Apple’s custom 5G modems may not arrive until 2025 after breakup with Intel

The Information is out today with a detailed report on the falling out between Intel and Apple over the last few years that led to settling with Qualcomm, new specifics on Apple’s plans to make its own modems, and more.


Fortnite’s latest patch arrives with the Drum Gun and Ballers after player complains

Fortnite’s first Season 9 update has come and it is all about the things, players find more frustrating.

The first big balance change is a nerf to the Drum Gun’s damage. While the Drum Gun is an undeniably popular weapon in Fortnite— after all, it won the unvaulting event at the end of season 8 — it was also way too powerful. Among the gun’s most vocal critics have been pro players, who made their displeasure at its return known as soon as the unvaulting event started.


Android Q features new privacy controls

We don’t yet know how the Android Q will stand for, but we know there are a lot of changes in the system to ensure our privacy when we’re on our phones.


Facebook enables restrictions on Live broadcasting to prevent future abuse

On Tuesday, Facebook announced that it would restrict its live-streaming services on the platform following the white nationalist terrorist attacks in New Zealand only a few months ago.

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