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Apple Watch Series 4 Review (after 2 months of use)

As an iPhone user, I wanted to make an upgrade (present) for myself and purchase the new Apple Watch Series 4 the company’s best watch so far and more upgraded one. So, after a two month use and after previous thoughts in my mind, I decided to share with you the feeling to have such a diamond in your wrist.


What’s the best VPN right now?

Many people try nowadays to hide their IP due to system safety and most importantly for their privacy. I’ve been using VPN for two years now and for some things, I can say it is pretty good.


Final Fantasy 9 is coming on Nintendo Switch

The remastered Final Fantasy 9 is available on Nintendo Switch today, and Final Fantasy 7 will follow on March 26, Nintendo announced during today’s Nintendo Direct.


The best Samsung Galaxy S10 screen protector

The biggest change Samsung is bringing to technology and style this year is the fingerprint sensor hiding beneath the glass. However, the fingerprint sensor might not be the most compatible feature when speaking about screen protectors. Whitestone Dome Glass screen protectors are compatible and might be the only option.


LG’s new 5G phone is now leaked — V50 ThinQ

As I was thinking over Samsung’s upcoming event, I was thinking that, practically some companies try to follow Samsung’s steps in some cases. Following the company’s biggest reveals, this February the company will announce a new three model series ( S10,S10+ and S10E) and an entire wearable lineup. Watching at LG, the company is excited to reveal V50 ThinQ phone, a phone with low potential and a decent picture in its leak.


Apple will sell older iPhones back in Germany again

As Apple Inc. AAPL -0.22% said it would bring some phones back in stores in Germany, two months after removing them after it had removed the models because a court ruled here that the smartphone maker had infringed on a patent by Qualcomm Inc. QCOM 0.80% .



Apple Pay is coming in Saudi Arabia on February 19

As we’ve seen earlier this week, Apple Pay may be coming on February 19 in Czech Republic. Apple also said that the app will be coming in Saudi Arabia too.

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More than 16,000 cheaters banned from Apex Legends

More than 16,000 players has Respawn banned in the first ten days of the game says TechDomes, since February 5th. No one is yet to clarify in which platform those cheaters where, but Respawn is encouraging players to report them if they find anything suspicious. Personally I haven’t found any of them yet, but there are surely somewhere and I maybe cannot avoid them.

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What to expect at Unpacked 2019

We’re merely days away from the ‘official’ unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and all its brethren at Unpacked 2019. We’re expecting more than just a few phones to be announced, so here is everything we’ve seen leaked, learned, and expect to happen come February 20th.

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Apple March event expected on March 25th on Steve Jobs Theater

BuzzFeed Newsreports today that Apple will hold a special spring event on March 25th at Steve Jobs Theater. The event is said to focus on Apple’s upcoming news subscription service, with hardware announcements unlikely.

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