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Apple Pay goes live on two new markets

Apple Pay continues to expand, now in Hungary and Luxembourg, which now marks 38 markets around the world, where Apple’s mobile payment is now available.


Watch Tim Cook’s Tulane University commencement speech

Tim Cook’s Tulane University commencement address is now available to watch online. Cook delivered his speech to graduates over the weekend, during which he drew on his own career experiences to offer advice to those just about to set foot into the world of work.

Check it out below.


Google announces new $999 Glass augmented reality headset

Google has announced a new version of its Google Glass augmented reality headset, which is now an official product instead of an experiment. The headset named Glass Enterprise Edition 2 costs $999, although, like its predecessor, it’s not being sold directly to consumers. A new processor, an improved camera, a USB-C port for faster charging and a ton of other features are the gadgets new improvements.


Huawei posts first statement after Android ban

The Google and Huawei problem is slowly starting to settle. Huawei now released an official statement confirming that they will “continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphone and tablet products”.


Google stops business w/ Huawei, pulls Play Store, Google apps, Android updates

According to a blacklist order, Google is stopping business with Huawei entirely. This means that Huawei devices won’t have access to any Google services or Play Store.


Google apps “will keep functioning on existing phones”

Google this evening reassured Huawei customers that the ceasing of business between the companies will not have affect on existing phones. The Android maker reassured the users that the Google services and Play Store will continue functioning in the short-term.


Apple holds the Apple Park ceremony and tribute to Steve Jobs

Apple yesterday held its formal opening of Apple Park, including a concert on the rainbow stage at the center of the campus. Lady Gaga performed at the event, with Apple Park employees taking to Twitter and Instagram to share photos and videos.


How to record your screen in Android Q Beta 3

Android is now out for more devices than the previous betas, thanks to Google bringing Beta 3 to over a dozen non-Pixel devices, a lot of folks are just getting acquainted with the new features we’ve covered in the previous betas. Google has also made some features hidden behind “feature flags”, like native screen recording, harder to access. Here’s how to enable screen recording in Android Q Beta 3.


Apple Music hosting Tyler the Creator next week in LA, free tickets available

Although Apple canceled its Apple Music festival ack in 2017, it still hosts some free shows from time to time. Today, the service is promoting another free live concert in LA with Tyler, The Creator. The application is totally free and is currently open for those 16 years of age and older.


The UK gets the first official 5G launch date

Vodafone has announced that its 5G network will be coming live on July 3rd making it the first UK carrier to receive a date for the launch of the next-gen mobile network. The upcoming network will be available in seven cities at first, and Vodafone plans to release four handsets and one home router in the coming months. The company says that the 5G network system will be priced as its 4G equivalents, and will announce the new price plans next week.

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