Best free antivirus for your computer with complete protection ( without paying a single penny).Download antivirus free on your computer and lets your computer Virus free.

You are getting two antivirus 360 total security and Anti-Malware.

Both ant viruses work perfectly on your computer.

360 total security Antivirus have three Main security’s which are-

  1. Privacy Protection
  2. Internet Protection and
  3. System Protection

  •   In Privacy Protection,you are getting three layers of security

  • Webcam Protection
  • Ransomware Blocking
  • Keylogger blocking

  • In the internet Protection, you are getting three layers of security 

  • Download file scan
  • Online Shopping Protection
  • Malicious Website Blocking.

  • In System Protection you are getting its

  • USB Drive Protection.
  • Network threat Blocking.
  • Malicious Behaviour Blocking.
  • File System Protection.
  • Registry Protection.
  • Scan File When to save.

In these three main protections, you are getting 12 layers of protections

:-  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

In Anti-Malware you are getting 2 types of software 1st one is free and second one is Paid you can go with anyone of this but according to my advice you have to go with free one.

Anti-Malware Gives you free updates of its software so that you can remain updated and remain secure viruses.


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