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Valve is making Dota 2 players pay to avoid toxic gamers

If you play Dota 2 and you already buying a Battle Pass, you can now purchase a new bundle coming with the whole Battle Pass pack. The new bundle keeps you away from toxic gamers, when previously was just containing cosmetics and other optional curiosities to the game.Players who buy the Battle Pass can now use an “experimental” Avoid Player feature, which is supposed to keep toxic players away from you. Here’s a different way to say it: Valve is now charging players a minimum of $9.99 to avoid harassers.


Call of Duty Mobile coming this week to Android and iOS

The announcement that one of the most popular PC and console FPS franchises ever would be coming to both Android and iOS is a pretty big deal. Now fresh intel has come directly from Activision, and they are telling us to expect the first Call of Duty Mobile beta within the next week.


John Wick available on today’s Fortnite update

The Fortnite Item Shop has updated once again, and players can now hop in and pick up some new gear, including brand new cosmetics, gliders, and other items.


Fortnite’s latest patch arrives with the Drum Gun and Ballers after player complains

Fortnite’s first Season 9 update has come and it is all about the things, players find more frustrating.

The first big balance change is a nerf to the Drum Gun’s damage. While the Drum Gun is an undeniably popular weapon in Fortnite— after all, it won the unvaulting event at the end of season 8 — it was also way too powerful. Among the gun’s most vocal critics have been pro players, who made their displeasure at its return known as soon as the unvaulting event started.


Read Dead Online to introduce full role-playing system this summer

Red Dead Online has announced a new surprise update today, and Rockstar has shared some new additions that will be made during this spring and summer. The largest announcement here is the future addition of “roles”, which will allow players to pick a specialization and level up that role within the frontier.


Apex Legends ‘piggy-backers’ face temp bans, Respawn says

A community manager for Apex Legendsyesterday identified a new behavior that can get you a temporary ban: Piggy-backing, which is basically hanging around a squad of good players, doing nothing, and still collecting XP to level up. It’s sparked a debate of how Apex Legends rewards XP in the first place.


Bethesda pulls Elder Scrolls tabletop adventure amid plagiarism accusations

Elsweyr is the title of a massive new expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online, due out on June 4. Fans of The Elder Scrolls universe will know it as the ancestral home of the cat-like khajiit race. It’s expected to add loads of new content to Zenimax Online Studio’s already successful MMO. To help hype that release, the enterprising team at Bethesda Netherlands created a brief pen-and-paper adventure set on the border between Cyrodiil and Elsweyr.


2019 Google Play Award winners

Google on the eve of I/O 2019 announced the Play Award winners to celebrate the top Android apps and games. The nominees in nine categories were unveiled late last month, with the ceremony this evening in Mountain View, California.


Respawn has banned over 770,000 cheaters on Apex Legends

Late this week, Respawn has posted a development update on Reddit, showing they cracked down cheater on Apex Legends. According to their post, Respawn has banned over 770,000 accounts on PC since the game’s launch in February.


Epic giving away free glider after buggy event

Epic Games is giving away players a free glider as an apology after yesterday’s buggy in-game Unvaulting event.

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