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It isn’t enough to have great new devices, apps, and games — you also have to know how to use them. Here on TechDomes, we try to make sure everyone’s capable of using their new devices the right way based on our how-tos.

How to enable Dark Mode on Chrome

Chrome 74 is officially rolling out today for Windows, Mac, and Linux, marking the introduction of a new dark mode for Windows 10 users. The same dark mode arrived last month on macOS with Chrome 73, and today’s update includes automatic Windows 10 support. Chrome will automatically theme itself to match if a dark mode is enabled on Windows 10. The end result makes Chrome look almost identical to the browser’s darker Incognito Mode menu bars.


How to use your Apple News Plus subscription to bypass paywalls

Apple’s new premium News service offers a lot for just $10 for a month, you get access to hundreds of newspapers and magazines, where you simple would’ve paid much more to subscribe to each one individually.


How to download your Google+ data

Well, it finally happened. Google+ is officially being shut down. The ill-fated social network never really had mass adoption, but its core user base is certainly already pretty vocal about it going away, though. If you’re an avid user, here’s how to download Google+ data before it gets shut down.


How to set up emergency location services on Android & iOS

Smartphones are spectacular for snapping photos, scanning the news, and sending messages, but they can also be literal lifesavers if you take the time to set them up before the need arises.


How to turn off autoplay videos on Facebook

A lot of times we’ve been wondering how can we turn off that disturning content autoplaying videos on Facebook cause that’s actually been a pain for some people, especially if you don’t have interest of the content you’re browsing. So, we in TechDomes decided to show you the way of turning off that feature, if it’s annoying for you.


How to check your Apple Watch battery from your iPhone

A lot of people have been asking me to show a way of displaying their Apple Watch battery directly on their iPhones. Doing a little digging, I’ve found a simple way of achieving it, pretty much for those who don’t know how to do that.

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