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TechDomes Recommends is our way of endorsing our favorite games. When we award a game the TechDomes Recommends badge, it’s because we believe the title is uniquely thought-provoking, entertaining, inventive or fun — and worth fitting into your schedule.

Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers Review

After stumbling through its launch, Final Fantasy 14 has been made anew by director Naoki Yoshida. It has evolved from a punchline to a fan favorite to one of the biggest MMOs on the market. The latest expansion, Shadowbringers, feels like its overdue victory lap.

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The Sinking City Review

The Sinking City opens with a nightmare. There’s a drowned town, and a gargantuan, otherworldly jellyfish-like creature floating through the sky. There is a shot of a tooth-lined maw at the bottom of the ocean. It’s this dream that sets the events of the game in motion.

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Observation Review

What does it mean to “see” the world through the “eyes” of an artificial intelligence? Most of pop culture depicts AI as the wrathful harbingers of humanity’s end; the omega to our alpha, the apotheosis of the post-human apocalypse. Its priorities tend to remain distinctly human, with little grasp of what an artificial mind might “think” or “feel.” Stories about AI tend to be about us, and so they fail to grasp what we ourselves do not, or cannot, understand.


Heaven’s Vault Review

Playing a new game is similar to learning a new language. Each starting game has its basics: first we learn how to navigate the map, then to attack enemies and to uncover new adventures or details in the world. In languages, we start with the vocabulary, grammar and syntax. In both, we slowly master individual components, getting them together to express complex ideas.


Anthem Review

Anthem leads us to a new multi and singleplayer gameplay with a dense and roleplay character. BioWare now takes us to a new cooperative multiplayer game promising a game world that will entertain players for hours and years. BioWare also teached us that the thing that does good — storytelling — isn’t abandoned yet.


Resident Evil 2 Review

Capcom hasn’t always understood what makes Resident Evil great. Maybe it has never consistently, fully grasped the thing that it has on its hands.

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Bury Me, My Love Review

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