Chrome OS 76 Now Rolling Out With Improved Media Playback, Updated Camera App |TechNews

Google has come up with a new Chrome OS update for the month of August – Chrome OS 76 – full with new features, including improved media playback, an updated camera app for the Pixelbook and more.

For media control, one can now open the system menu and view all tabs or applications on the Chromebook that play audio tracks and control them from one place, Google wrote in a blog post on Thursday.

Google selects updated camera apps and Chromebook machines for the Pixelbook. In addition, the Google Camera app has updated the UI to navigate between new modes like Square Mode and Portrait Mode.

There’s also a “Clear All” button for notifications. With it, notifications can now be checked and cleared from Play Store apps on the Chromebook, and notifications can be dismissed with the “Clear All” button.

On a separate page, Google has detailed other new releases released with Chrome OS with  – Virtual desktops (including virtual desktops) – “Enhance your multitasking skills with virtual desks Now, with different screens you can compare tasks, organize projects. , Or simply work individually and create a new virtual desk To do this, click the ‘Show all windows’ button on your keyboard and select ‘New Desk’, “it says.

Parents can add extra screen time within the Family Link app when the kids’ screen time is almost over. Automatic clicks are also new, “Introducing new ways you can interact with your Chromebook without pressing the touchpad or mouse, use the left-click, right-click, double-click, update controls to drag and scroll left items. This feature and many more are available in your accessibility settings, “Google says.

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