In this video, we are talking about the difference between “HTTP” and https. If you will search this topic on youtube search engine.You will find lots of videos but anyhow even after watching the similar topic video.You will always remain confused with the same question but in this video, we will try to, clear, your doubts.

Watch the video to understand,

whenever you browse any website if you will look into the address bar. You will get www either Domain Name or ‘https’ before the domain name.If you have www or Domain Name that means that website have ‘HTTP’ before there domain name.

First of all, let’s understand about “HTTP”.

What it stands for and how it works?
Definition: HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol.Means, a system, that is used to transmit and receive information from a server.
It allows the website designer or owner to convey information like image, text, video, music, graphics and other files on web pages.

In simple words, if you are searching for something in a search engine or a website in the address bar, the URL becomes the request which is sent by you as a client to the server where that webpage 
data is stored.

Whenever you search for a website in the browser the default port 80
 helps you to see the webpage on your computer. The first HTTP method called getting, which request a page from the server as in the form of HTML. The latest version of HTTP defines nine request methods to fetch the webpage from the server.

As we understood, about HTTP.

Now Let’s talk about HTTPS – Why it’s important and what makes more secure?

“HTTPS” stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure transfer system which encrypts the data with a layer of protection before the connection establishes between your computer and server.

In short, both of this protocols use to exchange information between Web Server and Web Browser.

The Best part of ‘https’, It uses transport-layer security to transfer our private information to a server which needs to be secured.

Netscape Corporation developed “https” the secure form of authorized transactions. Cryptographic protocols such as SSL and TLS created HTTP into https for the secure ongoing connection.

SSL and TLS is the encryption layer which remains ‘on’
the top of “https’ connection website Servers and the clients means ‘we’speak the same as on ‘HTTP’ to each other but over a secure SSL encrypted layer in connection to deliver our information to the server.

The main function of https is ‘HTTPS’ connection verifies the information that you are connected directly to the server by Ensuring that only you and the server can send and receive the information.

The annoying and the best part of HTTPS is anyone can cut off every single one of the messages you exchange with a server.

Now, as we have understood about ‘HTTP’ and ‘HTTPS’ along with it, we need to understand few more facts about some of the illusions.

HTTPS is a very small piece of security which you have on your website which is only used for securing our information which we have sent to a shopping website.

It ensures that the information being transferred between a browser and web server is safe from what is known as a Man In The Middle attack.
We all know that website security is a complex process of securing a website from any kind of vulnerable attack.
So the moral of this video is “Https” is not the form of great security.However, in the search term, Google has given more preference to ‘https” rather than ‘HTTP’.