Gallery Go Launched as a Lightweight Google Photos Replacement, Now Available in Google Play Store |TechNews

  • Gallery Go only works on Android version 8.1 or above
  • It is now available for download through the Google Play Store
  • Google says the app is expanding to Ghana, Nigeria
Gallery Go is the latest app to join Google’s go-branded apps that work without too much data or storage. The Nigeria Event Search giant’s third release today on Google, Gallery Go is now available on the Play Store for worldwide version 8.1 (Oreo) or all Android devices. However, Mountain View, a California-based company, says that some features such as organizing photos by people will not be available in all markets. Additionally, Google has revealed that it is bringing a Bolo reading-tutor application to Ghana and Nigeria.

In a blog post, Google revealed that Gallery Go is designed to work offline and uses machine learning to automatically organize photos. This can be a deterrent to the company as an alternative to the Google Photos app for low powered phones. We can expect to install pre-installed Android Go version phones in the future, though now Google has announced only two native Android Go phones – the Ital S15 and the Intel A55 – which will be pre-installed.

Google Blog writes in a blog post that Gallery Go helps first-time smartphone owners find, edit and manage photos easily without the need for high-speed Internet or cloud backup access.

Among other features, Google says that the Gallery Go plays well with SD cards and allows users to easily copy their photos from the phone to memory cards. Gallery Go also comes with basic editing options like self-enhancement support, filters and cropping, and rotation.

Gallery Goa is only 10MB in size and won’t take up too much space on your phone.

“Gallery Go comes in a smaller size which means more space for your own photos. When using less memory on your device – so it won’t reduce your phone,” the Google Play Store details.

Google Photos, Product Lead, Google Photos, David Lieb wrote on Twitter, “We designed Gallery Go to have some of the best features of @GooglePhotos, which now uses 1 billion people per month.”

As we mentioned earlier, Gallery Go is now available worldwide through the Google Play Store and will only work on smartphones running Android 8.1 or later. The OS requirement is already seeing negative feedback from consumers.

“@Google, we’re still stuck on devices running @ Android 5.1. Storage is a pain, 8GB gross. I can’t run the 150 MB Google Photos app, the app got answers to go to the new gallery if it was compatible with PC running devices.” Twitter User wrote

Although Android Go devices can be targeted with Gallery GO, at least Android users out there have lower-powered devices and older versions of Android.

According to Google’s own Android Distributed Dashboard, not updated after May 7, only 25.8 percent of Android devices are running Android 8.1 or above.

In addition to the Gallery Go launch at Google for the Nigeria event, the company announced the expansion of Bolo to Ghana and Nigeria. Speak is a speech-based learning application that helps children read English. It was initially launched in India in March this year.

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