In this video, we will talk about how you can delete unwanted email.  ‘and’ How you can creating a filter to delete those email automatically.

In your Gmail account, you get this interface.
You always think, that how you can delete unwanted emails from your email account and how you can stop them to get into your email account.

Let me show you today how you can delete these unwanted email.

First, let’s go to unwanted email for to show you an example.

As you can see in Video the email which I want to deleted and I do not want email from this given email address.

 I copy this given email address and then I will click on the gear icon and I will select settings option.

In settings,
I have to go in Filter and blocked addresses.

 I have to select Create a new filter

In this Filter box, as you can see the options

I just want to create a filter from the email which I have received.

Now let me paste the email address which I want to block.

First, let me click on search.

I just want to delete all the emails which I have received from given email addresses.

I will click on the checkbox, or, I will select All option from the drop-down menu.

Click on Delete icon,

Now, all the emails which were in my email account are deleted and now, I will create a filter to delete all those emails automatically.

Click on Gear, icon,

Select Settings

Click on Filters and Blocked Addresses,

Click on Create a new filter,

Paste the same email in ‘From’ box

Click on Create filter with this search

Now you are getting the option When a message arrives that matches this search
 You can select the option which you want to select.I am selecting Delete option to delete all incoming email from same email address.

Now click on Create Filter and its done.