Google has partnered with the Indian government to launch the “Loo Review” Campaign.

Google Maps users in India can now Find Public Toilets through the App |TechNews

According to media reports, Google Maps added more than 45,000 community and public toilets as part of the central government’s “Loo Review” campaign.

In order to start a Loo Review campaign in September 2014, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs encourages all local guides to rate and review public toilets on Google Maps.

Before July, the official information given by the Finance Minister Nirmal Sitaraman’s budget speech shows that the property has significantly increased the toilet locator feature.

In India, 1,700 cities have been covered under 45,000 toilets, but the data on rural toilets was not shared at the center.

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The campaign is part of a feature that lets all citizens recognize Google Talk, Google Search and Assistant public toilets in their cities and provide opinions on the same topic.

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