Google Play store remove 70 Apps because they attack the users data

Google Play store remove 70 Apps because they attack the users data
Google Remove 70 Apps

Google is now more strickt they cannot support virus, copy, violation, adult etc and they remove this type content. Google remove various video and step the various youtuber, Blogger, App Devlopper. Who to attack the user Google quickly remove this type content or app or videos.
This 70 app Remove because they add the app in virus. They want to attack the user data. But google finally catch them. So Lets check the App name

App Name which is remove Google Play

Tak A Trip, Magnifeye, Join Up, Zombie Killer, Space Rocket, Neon Pong, Just Flashlight, Table Soccer, Cliff Diver,  Box Stack, Jelly Slice,  AK Blackjack,  Color Tiles,  Animal Match, Roulette Mania, HexaFall, HexaBlocks, PairZap, PDF Converter (PDF to Word DOC), PDF Reader – Viewer (E-Book), PDF Scanner: Text Scanner, OCR, Live Talk – Free Video Chat, Baby Room, Motor Trail, Tattoo Name, Car garage, Japanese Garden, Koi fish, House Terrace, Skirt Design, Yoga Meditation, Shoe rack, Unique T-shirt, Mens Shoes, TV, RuanG TaMu, Idea Glasses, Fashion Muslim, Bracelet, Clothing Drawing, Minimalist Kitchen, Nail Art, Ice cream stick, Roof, Children Clothes, Home Ceiling, PoLa BaJu, Living room, Bookshell, Knitted Baby, Hair Paint, Well Decoration, Painting Mahendi, Bodybuilder, Couple Shirts, Unique Graffiti, Paper Flower, Night Gown, Wardrobe Ideas, Dining Table, Gymnastics, Use Child, Window Design, Hijab StyLe, Wing Chun, Facing Technique, Math Solver, Snake Attack, Sparkle FlashLite, ShapeSorter