Google Shopping Platform Launched in the US, Chasing Amazon |TechNews

Google recently launched a new shopping platform for US users to take Amazon in the e-commerce space. Importantly, the redesigned shopping page UI has been visible in other parts of the world since last year, with India gaining access to it by December. The new search experience is designed on the offer page from different retailers of products across different categories.

Before launching it in the US, Google had tested shopping platforms in some parts of the world – including India and France. Retailers have access to a Merchant Center, which allows them to make their product feeds available to Google. For India, Google Merchant Center has also been created in Hindi. Google Shopping results are available in English and Hindi. The Google Shopping experience can be found on mobile and desktop as well as through the Progressive Web App (PWA).

If users access their Google Shopping platform by logging into their Gmail or Google account, the feature will greet them by their name and display specific suggestions. In the US, the company is not willing to start building warehouses on stock products but plans to instruct buyers in the direction of a select few retailers, including Costco and Target. Details about the wider roll-out of Google’s shopping features have since disappeared. Google plans to integrate express delivery services into the new Experience, with 9to5Google noted.

Some products will be sold with “Buy with Google Guarantee”, which promises to return buyers if the proposed retailer fails to deliver on time.

In December last year, India retained the new Google Shopping experience.

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