Google’s Password Checkup to become a default feature on Chrome browser: How it works |TechNews

Password Checkup’s leak detection feature, which checks if a user’s password has been compromised and alerts the user with a drop-down menu box, will become a default feature of the Google Chrome browser without an explicit extension.

“According to the Chromium Bug Tracker, Google is trying to change things by integrating password checkup leak detection directly into Chrome. There are enough code changes available to put design documents together to make it work as it currently is in private, “9to5 Google said Thursday.

Earlier this year the Internet giant created Password Checkup, which is essentially a move from services like “Have I seen the wind” to give insight into whether a user’s password has ever been compromised during a data breach.

For those who do not want to verify Google password protection, they are allowed to disable this password checkup feature from their browser.

Initially, this is being done for enterprise customers, but the settings will likely be available to others as well, the report added.

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