Huawei’s replacement for the Android operating system in Hongmeng  OS smartphones is widely believed. Huawei is clear that it is not.

Hongmeng OS not a replacement for Android: Huawei |TechNews

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei said that Hongmeng OS – not designed for smartphones and the company will continue to use Android.

The line code is similar to a mobile platform, Hongmeng senior vice president Catherine Chen has “hundreds of thousands” lines compared to other smartphone operating systems, which makes it more secure and it has a very low tendency.

The Hongmeng OS has been widely reported in the media before the potential alternative of Android to smartphones, The Verge said on Friday.

Addressing the media report, Chen said that the Hongmeng operating system was developing for a long time before using the industry and to find the alternative of Android before the current discussion.

Earlier, Huawei’s Public Affairs and Communications Vice President Andrew Williamson said the process of launching Hongmeng as an alternative to Android is underway and it will be ready in a few months.

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