What is INTERNET? How to Work INTERNET

What is INTERNET? How to Work INTERNET
INTERNET Is part of Our Life

In today we could not leave without INTERNET. INTERNET is a part of Our life. But are you know how to work INTERNET? Today we will know how to work INTERNET so let’s start……

INTERNET(Inter connect Network) It is Bring many information and it is also called the name of World Wide Web(www).

How to work INTERNET

INTERNET is connected in the whole world but it’s connected system is not easy. It is connect in the world through 3 Company. This 3 company company connect the 90%world in INTERNET. In this 3 company name is 1.TR1 2.TR2 AND 3.TR3
The 90℅ of INTERNET is connect through the Fibber Optic Cable TR1 company spread the Fiber Optic Cable in the sea. So the INTERNET Is a free service it’s cost is just maintenance of Fiber Optic Cable. So we only pay the INTERNET for maintain it. A fiber optic cable is thin like our hair it is Bring 100 GBPS speed.
It is cover with special material and jackets.

What is INTERNET? How to Work INTERNET
See the image of fiber optic cables

If a fiber optic cable is destroy in any reason like shark attack in under the sea than TR1 Company repair It and TR1 company spread many cable in under water so if one cable is destroy than other cable work the destroyer cable and TR1 company get the time of repair the destroy cable you can visit this link to know fibber optic cable position in whole world.


Then TR2 company brings the cable in national labels they take over the cable in TR1 company and they spread the INTERNET Sea to National Labels and they connect it. After they handover this cable TR3 company which is work on local area. This is the connectivity system of INTERNET.

Many company give the Internet in Free some time like an Indian Company Reliance Jio because they setup the cable in India. So Jio always spent for it. And they easily give the INTERNET free in 6 Months.

The Worlds other 10% INTERNET is connect to satelight. It is only Intelligence Agency can Access This INTERNET we common man cannot use this INTERNET.


INTERNET Speed depends in few cause like

1.Network Connectivity

If your sim cards company network is very weak than your INTERNET speed is low. If tour connection strong and 4G network you can get the best INTERNET speed.


If you leave a crowded Area and they use 1 company INTERNET connectivity so their company INTERNET speed can be slow because the speed of INTERNET in a tower is limited. The tower divide the speed of INTERNET in same.

Website Server

If your website server is weak than your INTERNET speed can be slow and if you visit the local server website you can get better INTERNET speed.

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It Is the cause of depend in INTERNET speed if you have any question please comment the post.

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