1. How to Backup Mac External Hard Drive?

In this Video, We have explained everything. How to backup external Hard drive?

You have to connect external Hard drive to your Mac PC and then simply drag your files to your external Hardrive.

It sounds so easy however it’s really hard if you don’t know how to do it.

We have explained every step, How you have to find your external Hard drive and Place it on your desktop screen. Watch the video to understand it better.

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2.  How to Erase  External Hard Drive?

In this Video, We have explained everything. How to erase external Hard Drive?

In this video, everything is explained How you have to find Disk Utility with external Hardrive and How you have to erase it.

It’s not like that hard to find an external hard drive if we know how we have to search for the right tool. 

Watch the complete video and understand how you have to do it.

1. Transcript | How to Backup External Hard Drive

I want to walk you through a process of backing up your
laptop the first thing that you’ll need
is an external drive you might find that
you need an external hard drive like a
big giant 80-gigabyte drive or maybe
something as small as five or six
gigabytes in order to back up what you
need but first, you’re gonna have to find
your user folder and you’re gonna
have to find your backup Drive so
I’ll walk through all those things first
the thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna I’m
gonna just put my backup drive in this
the case I’m gonna use an SD card and I’m
just gonna put it into the right side of
my MacBook air and we’ll see after
sliding that in it should appear there
it is and I’ve named it dams backup
drive and I made sure that it’s it’s got
it’s got space on it you’ll notice is
there’s more than one way to backup and
people ask us over time what’s the best
way and we find that the best the way
I’m going to show you of actually taking
your home drive and that and
driving it and dragging it into the
backup drive is probably the best way to
do it sometimes that fails and I’ll show
you what to do in that case but
nonetheless up here you’ve got you’ll
see that sometimes on your machine you
you’ve actually got Time Machine turned
on and I would encourage you to go into
Time Machine and turn that off because
indeed the backups that we get from
Time Machine you don’t have access to
him because it saves them as the
administrator said plus it uses some
obscenely large space on your computer
sometimes when it’s trying to be the
backup and it keeps part of the backup
getting ready to put it onto your drive
so it’s like you’ve got you’ve doubled
your space just bad idea so here’s the
next step the other thing that you’ll
see here is if I go down here where it
says finder and I click on that I open
the finder doesn’t give me much over
here this is kind of a bare-bones
configuration for being able to see your
the hard drive you’re gonna want more than
that my favourite way to look at the
drive is this right here in column but
we can see right here we may not have
what we need there’s no there’s nothing
that shows me my home drive which is
what I want to back up I do see my
backup drive but I don’t see the stuff I
want to back up where it’s my stuff
so here let me show you a method for
that so here I’m in my finder remember
once I got there by clicking on the finder
and then going over here for a column
view and the next thing I want to do is
configure the fighter to show me what I
want to see so I go here click on finder
click on preferences and under
preferences I want to modify what we
call the sidebar concept around hard
as long as I’m at it I want to see the
sidebar and in the sidebar if I click
right here on the device and I also
click right here on hard drives it’s
gonna show me everything that I need you
can turn this stuff on too but not us
that’s not necessary and in your case
let’s say your name was Lucinda you
would show up right here so I’m on an
account called student this is just a
generic computer but you would have one
that actually had your name on it but
you don’t need that
alright so I’m gonna close the fighter
preferences and you can see whatever
Preferences changes we made of the
sidebar now show up in your sidebar if I
click right here on 109 you SMSs 14 this
is this is the hard drive that’s in my
the computer I click on that once and you
can see that there’s a folder called
users I click on users look there you
so this once again if your name is
Lucinda, you’d show up right here but my
a name is a student so what I actually want
to do is click on and you want to do it
from here if you have your home folder
over here that’s not actually the
material that’s just a representation of
it but in this case, if I click on users
and here is your home folder and you’ll
know it because it has a little home
that is all the stuff that’s got you
programs that you’ve added to the
computer under your own
Applications folder it’s got everything
from your desktop
everything you’ve stored in documents
it’s got things you’ve downloaded it’s
got movies you made it’s gotten music
that you’ve made and stored this also
has your I believe this one here also
has your iTunes materials it’s got
pictures that you’ve kept whether it’s
in a photo or if it’s even if it’s in if
you made pictures or movies on
photobooth and then anything you’ve ever
starred in public which is probably
nothing but to back up it’s really this
simple if I want everything I just
the grabbed student I drag it over to Dan’s
backup Drive and I drop it down there
I’m gonna say it’s gonna copy some stuff
over okay
well that’s working I’m gonna show you
an alternative if that fails if it comes
back and says could not copy X and X
Files what you want to do is go back
into dance backup Drive and you want to
take that folder that came over a
student and just drag it to the trash
and empty the trash and we’ll start over
but it’ll look something like this over
here in student probably what you want
to do is just pick up the stuff that you
absolutely need so for example pictures
and if I hold down my command key I want
my pictures I’m gonna hold down command
again I want downloads I want my
the document I want my desktop everything
else let’s say that’s where the problem
I can then pick those up I can go over
here and I can drop them onto Dan’s
backup Drive and they’ll go in there
I’m not gonna mess that right now
because this is already in process but
you can see you can customize your
backup a little bit that will work so
once again if you try to drag your home
folder over and you had some sort of
failure this is actually a whole bunch
of hidden files in here
it’s got things like program settings
and it’s got bookmarks and it’s got all
kinds of hidden files and if there’s
some sort of permission problem with
that and well let you copy it over this
is a way to get your essential stuff so
that’s it it’s really that simple

2. Transcript | How to Erase External Hard Drive?

How to use and format your external
storage devises to work with your Mac
many external hard drives come in a
the format that is not compatible with
Macintosh, we can easily fix that using
the built-in Disk Utility the program
within Mac OS 10 we can find that simply
by going to finder we can open finder in
the Applications folder here then
utilities and you will find Disk Utility
an alternative way would be to open your
spotlight search and just type in Disk
Utility so here’s the Disk Utility we’ve
got several options here a very very
the valuable program so what it’s showing me
right here on the left is it showing me
all of the external storage devices
external and internal that are connected
to my Mac here you see under internal
this is my built-in iMac hard drive and
then down here I’ve got an external hard
drive as well as a Kingston thumb drive
so all of these can be formatted and so
there are several options I’m gonna walk
you through those to find the one that
will work best for you to keep in mind that
as we move forward we are going to be
erasing whatever content is on your
storage devise so if you’ve got
something important on there you’re
gonna want to copy it over to something
else before you erase it so we’re gonna
select the device we want to use at the
moment we’re gonna try our thumb
drive but it’s the same exact process
for any other storage device so I’ve
selected the drive right here and we’re
gonna come up and click erase okay this
gives us an opportunity to rename it
whatever we would like it to be called
as well as to choose the format now for
years I’ve been using OS 10 extended
journaled this is my go-to format for
all things
Matt, however, there are some additional
options that I’m going to go through
here in the drop-down menu, you’ll see
the options available to you notice
these two on the bottom ms-dos and exFAT
these are windows compatible options and
they will work between both Windows and
Mac now ms-dos or fat is quite limited
this option I would not really recommend
any longer this one is only for storage
devices with less than 32 gigabytes and
the maximum file size for each file that
you store within that storage device can
be 4 gigabytes in size so that’s kind of
now the new and improved version is
exFAT and if you need an external hard
drive or thumb drive that will work very
well between Mac and Windows you’re
gonna want to use exFAT is for
drives larger than 32 gigabytes and
there really are no other limitations so
this is an excellent choice if you’re
gonna be taking a drive back and forth
between different operating systems if
however, you’re going to only be using
Macintosh hardware or Macintosh
computers I would recommend that you use
OS 10 extended journaled okay so we’re
just about ready to format our drive and
one more little bit of information there
is an option if you need to be sure that
what you are erasing will not be
recovered if you had some private
information some financial documents etc
this is a useful helpful tool especially
if you’re going to be selling you
the computer on eBay or a hard drive you can
use these security options and you can
select from the various levels of
security to really make sure that that
is thoroughly erased in this case we
don’t need that we’re just going to
ignore it pretend
it’s not even there and we’re ready to
we simply select a race depending on the
size of the drive it will take from a
few seconds to possibly a few minutes so
we’re all set the drive has been
formatted and now we’re ready to go so
we just select done and we can choose
from the menu here and we can just click
eject and now our drive is ready to use
in the new format hey guys I really hope
this has been helpful for you if so feel
free to like this video or leave a
comment down below and as always
consider subscribing so you can see more
videos like this in the future.