How to install Kali Linux

How to install Kali Linux

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In the last tutorial, we had to know which of the things we would need to learn to hacking. I also told that we will use most of the Kali Linux operating systems in our tutorials. So today we will learn how we install Kali Linux.
We can use Kali Linux in 3 ways.

  1. Install Kali Linux instead of Windows
  2.  Using Kali Linux Live Bootable CD or USB.
  3. Install on Virual Machine.

In this 2 and 3 option is easy and good as we do not need to delete Windows. Many times we need Windows more, so we tell you 2 and 3 option how to do it.

OK, first of all, we have to download the Kali Linux Operating System from its Official Website. So first click on the link given below to download this Operating System.
After downloading it, you have to download the Virtual Box and YUMI.
Click on the link below to download

Virtual Box.

To Download YUMI

Ok, as I told you earlier, with the help of the Virtual Box, you can use any other operating system without deleting the Windows.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use Kali Linux without installing it through Live Bootable USB. In your next tutorial, we will tell you how to install it in the Virtual Box.

To use the Live Kali Linux feature you must have a download image file of Kali Linux and YUMI and a USB Pen Drive at least 4 GB.

Steps to make Bootable USB

First you have to open YUMI and press the I Agree button. Now you will see some kind of screen.

In it you have to first select your Pen Drive.
In step 2, you have to select Kali (Penetration Testing).
In Step 3, you have to select the Kali Linux where you have saved it. And finally, click on Create.
It will only create a Bootable USB for you in a short time.

Now restart your system and keep in mind that you have to go to your computer’s BIOS menu and go to the USB boot preority and place it in the first place.
Now when your system starts, the screen of YUMI will come from where you have to press the Enter button on the Live (amd i386) which will be in the first place.
Now you wait a bit and you can use the Kali Linux operating system.
You must now try to understand it a little bit. When you shut down it and start, you can run back your Windows operating system.
If you have not understood anything in this tutorial or have any questions then you can ask.
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