How can we safe from “Pegasus” Attack.

How to protect your smartphone
Pegasus is made by an Israeli company ‘NSO’. This is a very strong spyware
Recently we get a news about the spyware attack on WhatsApp. And the spyware is an Israeli company name is NSO. NSO made thus virus for hack any type of smartphone and this virus is hacked 1400 smartphone around 20 country. This is a very strong spyware. This spyware name is Pegasus.

How can you know Pegasus attack your phone?

It’s not easy to detect Pegasus. If it is used in your WhatsApp account WhatsApp send you a notification. That’s the only way to know the virus attack your smartphone.

How to Pegasus attack your smartphone?

Many report says that an unknown number is called to your phone. Then the virus is installed in your phone. Even you Receive the phone and not receive the phone it is no matter what you do. virus is also installed in your phone. It is also installed in your phone if you click any unknown link.

What is affect in you smartphone from Pegasus?

If once it is installed in your smartphone it can control all the other apps which is installed in you smartphone. It can used your camera to take a picture, also used microphone, photo gallery, call list, location, browsing history etc. And the data is send to the hacker who is installed Pegasus spyware in your smartphone.

What to do if your samrtphone is attacked by Pegasus?

The best way is to safe your data to changed affected device and sim card. If you use any online platform please change all the password. If your sim card have in your pegasus affected smartphone and that sim card is registered in your bank account. Then you also changed the bank account register mobile number.
How to protect your smartphone

How to protect yourself from pegasus virus?

Expert says that if you want to protect from pegasus then do not touch any unknown link. Ensure that your smartphone have an updated smartphone. If your smartphone is old then you changed it. Also ensure that all the apps are fully up to date. Do not use any other app from any unknown sources.