Increase traffic to your website by exchanging traffic.This software works on the basis of Mints you have in your account and in the change of that you  can exchange 3 links in  Traffic source Account.
It works on simple method,you have to download software from you account and then you have to run it and after that, it works automatically after signing into your account in that software.

If you are thinking to increase your website traffic then this is the best source for you but if you are thinking about increasing your income by Adsense then this will not work because AdSense wants organic traffic, not software Generated.


AdSense users should all disable ads on their site and any kind of monetization because traffic exchanges are against the rules, it can help you getting started with views but just keep that in mind and temporarily disable the ads! 

This is a video that will help you on how to get free page visitors and increase your site ranking for example on Alexa and google results so that you will get more people to visit your blog or site.