Intel’s latest chip series brings support for artificial intelligence (AI) scales and Wi-Fi 6 on PCs.

Intel 10th Generation Core processors are here, set to pave way for sleeker laptops |TechNews

The chip-making giant says the new 10th Gen Intel Core processors will pave the way for “remarkably” sleek 2 to be brought to PC makers 1s and laptops.

Based on Intel’s “Ice Lake” architecture, the family of processors launched Thursday uses 10nm + process technology.

This family of processors brings high-performance Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the PC and supports Wi-Fi 6 for the best connection, Intel said.

“These 10th Gen Intel Core processors change the paradigm to understand what it means to lead on mobile PC platforms,” said Chris Walker, Intel Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Mobility Client Platform at Client Computing Group.

“For the first time on PCs, integrated with a brand-new Graphics Architecture, best-in-class Wi-Fi 6 (Gig +) and Thunderbolt 3 – all onto the SoC (chipped system), with broad-scale AI, thanks to Intel’s 10nm processing technology and Architecture Design – We are opening the door to a whole new range of experiences and innovations for laptops, “said Walker.

The systems are expected from PC makers during the holiday season, the company said.

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