Microsoft Introduced A New Programming Language 'Bosque' Designed For Writing Simple Code.
Microsoft’s New Programming language, Without any Loop And Condition, Meet Bosque. 

Microsoft Research has recently introduced a new open-source programming language called ‘bosk, which is designed to write “simple, clear and easy code” for understanding the human and machine. 
According to Mark Marron, Microsoft’s computer scientist and chief developer of languages, the main design features of the language provide the means of eliminating “sudden complexity” in the development and coding process. It embraces the algebra operation and breaks existing programming models for almost 50 years. 
The company says that the language “derives from the combination of type-script-inspired syntax and type plus ML and node / javascript-inspired glossary”. 
Macron had mentioned in his paper, that Bosque was an attempt to overcome the paradigm of a structured program that became popular in the 1970s. 
A 1968 paper entitled “Go to Statement Condemned Harmful”, a computer scientist, is designed with flow control loops, conditions, and subroutines in a structured programming image. 
However, Marron represents Bosque as ‘regular programming’ which is released from the sources of complexity like a loop, replaceable state, and reference parity. 
“This model builds on the success of the existing programming models in a regular form, on the success of the sorted programming model and the abstract data type, which eliminates the major sources of errors, simplifies the code understanding and correction, and converts many automated rational tasks into the code for small proposals.” Marron in its technical paper 
“Target developer is able to increase productivity, increase software quality, and enable a range of new compiler and developer tooling experience,” adds Marron. 
Bosque currently recommends not to use programming language for developmental stages and experts in any programming language. However, it is open for experimental and developers can add their contributions to the Microsoft Bosque GitHub repository 
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