Microsoft Word was launched in 2015 to allow users to create, edit and view documents in Android Word format.

Microsoft Word hits ‘1 billion installs’ mark on Android devices |TechNews

Hitting a significant milestone, the Android version of Microsoft Word has exceeded the “1 billion installs” mark in Google’s Play Store after four years of release.

Microsoft Word was launched to create, edit, and view documents in the year 2015 in Microsoft Word format.

Especially in the last month, the milestone was satirical, in an interview with Microsoft’s co-founder and public Bill Gates, that his mobile operating system (OS) was “absent from all-time in the world forever”.

Gates said that there is only one competing place for Apple’s iOS – and it should have been “a natural thing to win Microsoft”.

Microsoft’s mobile efforts have never reached competitors successfully, its mobile versions of Microsoft Office still enjoy a significant amount of market penetration, which is far more than their desktops.

There are 500 million installers among software giant other office applications, including Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and OneDrive, but there are more than 100 million email client installs for Android.

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