According to Oklah’s speed test report, mobile internet speed has fallen from 10.07 Mbps to 11.02 Mbps.

Mobile internet speeds in India in June: Ookla report

In the case of mobile internet and fixed broadband speed, India ranked at number three in the ranking of 74 and 126 respectively, respectively, in June, Ookla told on Friday.
According to the report, a slight decline since last month, because of the average download speed in India for mobile internet and broadband 10.87 Mbps and 29.06 Mbps respectively. In May, mobile and fixed broadband speeds were 11.02 Mbps and 30.03 Mbps respectively.
“On the perfect condition, Deep record has been recorded due to India’s performance in both broadband and mobile downloads in the last month. In May, India had fixed 71 in broadband and 123 in mobile speed,” Oklahr Spidget Global Index says.

 In addition, the report showed that in the last one year the significant rate of ranking has decreased.
“Comparing data compared to last year, India’s ranking has been significantly decreased in its position worldwide. In July, India had 111 telephones and 56 fixed-mobile broadband speeds.
Doug Suttles, CO-founder, and general manager in Ookla, said, “The focus of the innovative network infrastructure will always be important for fixing network quality in India.”
“India is one of the worlds Geographically the most populous and most populous countries, which means that balanced networks are able to use high volume is a key to supporting Indian Internet demand of the Indian market. Despite this challenge in India, both the 4G and 5G networking technologies have progressed in the network The efficiency will continue to improve, “He said.

In terms of Mobile Internet, South Korea was at the top of the table with 90.06 Mbps average download speeds, and Singapore was at the top of the broadband with the download speed of 195.88 Mbps.
Among the neighboring countries, China has achieved a 44th and 28th position in terms of mobile internet and specific broadband respectively. Pakistan is at 114th and 155th position and Bangladesh was at 133th and 107th position, on mobile internet and broadband services.