Opera web Browser launches First Gaming Browser ‘Opera GXis Coming Soon
Opera Web Browser launches its first Gaming Browser, Opera GX
Opera Software has recently announced its first upcoming gaming browser, ‘Opera GX‘ for dedicated Web Gamers.

Although there is nothing new about the new gaming browser, it has been explained in the blog post on the Opera website that it only defines ‘Opera GX‘ as “a new and special edition created with those games that play games with you”.

According to Opera, the browser will be ready for testing very soon and pre-registration in the preview has already begun.

“After this is available, we would like to invite you first to know about ‘Opera GX‘.

“We will not wait for you for a long time!” Read the declaration.

After clicking on the link above, it opens the ‘Opera GX‘  Gaming browser webpage with a visible bold theme and red accent. The browser has a side panel in which the icons are linked to the Extension, History, Speed Indicator, and Settings when it is a gamepad icon in the main toolbar. It has a color slider that changes the theme of the browser page.

You can do this by submitting their Email address to the webpage for interested people to be notified of publishing the first version of the web browser.

Show this place for more updates, because it’s a developing story!

www.opera.com/gx  to Subscribe now.