Sony has unveiled its new controller for the upcoming PlayStation 5 gaming console. The company is calling it ‘DualSense’, which is a departure from the ‘DualShock’ naming convention previously used for the controllers. DualSense regulators have begun shipping to developers so that they can apply its features to its games. When the PlayStation 5 debuts, no official release date is known.

PlayStation 5: Sony Reveals New DualSense Controller With Fresh Design, Improved Features

DualSense new features

Sony shared in a blog post the new DualSense controller several features and improvements made. The controller has  L2 and R2 buttons have adaptive triggers that allow players to feel the excitement of the activity they are playing, which improves immersion. The controller has a haptic response that “adds a variety of powerful sensations as you play, such as the slow bitterness of driving with mud”.

Sony wanted to make the controller look smaller. The new controller still holds the rechargeable battery, a feature that comes as an add-on to the Xbox Series X. The DualSens controller has a cone-shaped shape for the grips, replacing the more rounded grips on the previous DualShock regulators.

The controller has a built-in microphone on the right side so players can easily chat with their friends. It was not specified whether this microphone will match the sound of other enclosures.

Jim Ryan, President, and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment said. The PS5 will be launched around the holiday season, which is generally considered as the period between Thanksgiving (November) and Christmas.

There are no confirmed prices for the PS5, but as there are already plenty of hardware specification rumors, experts have calculated that the console may come with the might $800 eye-watering price tag.