PUBG Mobile brings latest updates HDR mode, iOS background download and more. It also comes with PUBG Mobile Session 8. Here’s what’s new in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Season 8: Shark-themed gun to tier transfer, here’s what’s new |TechNews
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PUBG Mobile rolled out a new update this week. The PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 update brings new features and improvements, with many expected ‘Season 8’.This update is available for PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS platforms.

PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 comes with some important application improvements.PUBG Mobile is finally available in HDR mode. Smartphones supporting these display values can choose HDR mode for graphics.PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 also brings background download and updates for iOS devices.

For PUBG Mobile Season 8, Here’s What’s new.

New weapon (PP-19 Bizon)

PUBG Mobile Season 8 comes with a new SMG, PP-19 Bizon which is the largest magazine of games available so far.PP-19 does not support up-gradation or low rail connectivity of  Bizon Magazine but equipped with superior firing stability. The PP-19 is recommended for “fast but accurate sparking in the nearest range” of Bizon.

Aquatic Theme

PUBG Mobile Season 8 comes with theme-based clothes and skins coming from the Royal Pass. The fashion accessories will be based on the reference of the water pop culture like ‘Finding Nemo’ hoodie. The gun skins will be available in barrel shark teeth and shark tail knee finishes in DP28. There is a ‘bronze armor’ with gold, black and white inline which can be claimed after reaching 100 RP position.

Tier Transfer

PUBG Mobile is updating its Tier transfer rules this season. Those players at the bottom of Gold tier will move in the same title in the next season. PUBG Mobile’s Silver and Bronze Players will keep their titles like PUBG moving towards the next season.

Crossover Events

PUBG mobile players may expect many crossover and summer events this season. This new song ‘PMCO’ is back in August with Allan Walker and BAPE X PUBG Mobile Cooperation.

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