PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest mobile games in Global with a huge player base. PUBG adding a new mode called ‘Arctic Mode’ starting, April 16. Previously, the new model was teased on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook via the game’s social media accounts, But now finally made it official.
PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Coming April 16 With New Mechanics, Drones, and More
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Arctic mode will be a free update for all PUBG mobile players and it will be set on the Vikendi Map. Players must maintain their body temperature in various ways to survive the periodic Arctic storm.

Arctic Mode for PUBG Mobile will be available in the EvoGround game mode selection screen. It is ranked on the Vikendi map, which is already a snow map separate from Erangel and others. In the new model, each player will have a meter that shows their body temperature and it will slowly come down, thereby reducing their health. There are multiple ways in which players will be able to maintain their body temperature. 

  • PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode players will need to start an indoor fire using a lighter. Then, hunt for branches to keep the fire going.
  • They can hunt wild chickens for meat, cook it, and consume it to restore body temperature.
  • There are resources like the heater and health packs that can be used to maintain body temperature or restore health.

Arctic Mode also Available for Free via Update on Android And IOS Device.

Additionally, there will also be snowboards on the map so players can cross the huge battlefield. The drones, which were also previously teased, give players the opportunity to scout their surrounding areas to gain a strategic advantage over other players. However, it is unclear how players will gain access to the drones.