Mobile Season 7 Royale Pass Rewards, Tips New Skins And More.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Introduces a New Royale Pass Perks for weekly Challenges.


Session 7 update is expected to leave on 17 May
Season 7 is passed on to the Raul after a day is tipped to go live 
Coming soon to the avatars, gun skins, and the Royal Pass pass 

Season 6 of PUBG Mobile is going to end, but if you want to know that the hit mobile game session is in 7 key stores but you are lucky. Passed on Season 7 Rally and some information about the awards that came along with it, along with the details of the PUBG mobile session 7 has been leaked. According to the new leak, session 7 will have a new handheld weapon, a ton of new guns for the gun and helmets, new teams, and Avatar customization options will name a few. PUBG Mobile Season 7 is expected to be closed by an update, which will be launched next week.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Leaks Youtube has been courtesy of Mr.GostGaming, along with upcoming game elements as well as leaked information about the arrival of the new season. If the leak goes out, Season 7 will roll out the update rollout with 0.12.5, which will reach on 17th May. Prior to that, PUBG mobile servers will be temporarily closed on May 16, Season 7 will be started on 18 May.

While coming up with Season 7, there will be a new avatars frame, a new shooter called ‘Scorpion’, a new mushroom type, flight trill, and parachute trill prizes while talking about new game-in elements in PUBG Mobile. Level 1 backpack will also get new skins for players like AKM, Car 98 K, M4, and UJD, as well as Level 1 and Level 3 Helmet Skins.
Elite Upgrade for Season 7 Royal Pass will cost 600 UC (Inexpensive Cash, PUBG Mobile In-Game), Elite Upgrade Plus Level can be selected by 1,800 UC shelling. To pass the Royal Pass, the players will get 100 PR points and after reaching 100 in the royale pass, you will be eligible for two special clothing called the Urban Scavenger or Assault Squad. Session 7 also transmitted to introduce a new mission system called the Royal Pass Pass EZ Mission License.

As a fraud, members of the Royal Pass Pass will gain access to weekly challenges each week for a free week-on-week free challenge to other players, and 8 missions can open directly to Elite chest in the week. PUBG Mobile Season 7 also introduces a new ranking system, but there are not many details available.

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