Google is testing a new feature where it allows users to send text messages to their family and friends using Google Assistant without having to unlock their phone.

Soon you will be able to Send Text Messages using Google Assistant without Unlocking your Smartphone |TechNews

  • Google is working to bring a new feature to Google Assistant.
  • Google is testing a new feature that allows users to send text messages without unlocking their phones.
  • This functionality is currently available on a limited number of Android devices.
Voice has become one of the most important methods of interacting with smart gadgets. And the rapid development in the functionality of virtual assistants like Google Assistant has accelerated this trend. But when it comes to developing virtual assistants, the trade-offs that companies trade have to balance privacy. Google appears to be addressing this issue now.

As of now, users will need to unlock their Android smartphones to allow their Android smartphones to send text messages to their Android smartphones. But that may change in the future as Google is experimenting with a new strategy where users can send text messages using Google Assistant without having to unlock their smartphone.

The latest beta update to Google App – version 10.28 – included a new functionality earlier this week as part of the company’s A / B test, allowing the Google app to respond directly to the ‘send a text message’ command. From the smartphone lock screen.

In screenshots shared by the publication, Google Assistant provides a visual confirmation that the message was sent. It shows a lock icon at the top, a full-time conversation takes place, to indicate that the phone has been locked during the entire interaction.

The publication mentions that due to an A / B test, the functionality of sending a text message from the Google Activator’s phone lock screen is limited and is not widely available on Android smartphones. The functionality is running on a Pixel 3 smartphone running on Android 9.0. However, the same functionality is not working on the Pixel 3 Android key beta.

Until now, the availability of functionality remains unclear. Google is planning to launch this function on a Pixel phone only if it is unclear. However, given Google support more functionality than the version of Android running in the background, it’s possible that Google will roll out this functionality to all Android phones in the future.